A Tool for Fear of “Bad Dweems”

So we had finished the customary bedtime routine. A bath, PJs, snuggle, glass of water and 3 stories. Still she didn’t want to let me go. “Bad dweems” was the problem, not that she had them all that often but enough to make her scared to go to sleep.

“Okay, what if I give you a good dream?”


“Close your eyes and listen.” She did so as trusting toddlers usually do and I started my story.

“One day when Avery was playing in the park, for some reason she looked up in the sky and she thought she saw something moving like a bird. She watched for awhile and as she did it got bigger and bigger and bigger. At first she just thought it was a fluffy white cloud moving toward her but no it wasn’t. Was it a bird? Can’t be! It’s way too big! An airplane? No airplanes don’t move like that. Then she thought it was a horse but no… could it be? A unicorn? Yes! it was a unicorn! Flying lower and lower to the ground till it landed in the park right in front of her. It stared eating grass and Avery watched for a while. The unicorn was beautiful with a long white tail and whispery mane. She had a lovely long pink horn and something in Avery’s heart told her that it was a magical horn. Avery wanted to touch and pet her but she didn’t want to scare her away.

The unicorn looked back at Avery. “Whatcha looking at?” Wow! It could talk!

I created a few adventures for Avery and her new friend before I sent the two of them off on more adventures of their own. Off they went into the clouds looking for secrets and treasure. She smiled as she rolled over and went to sleep, dreaming of talking unicorns that took her for rides in the clouds.

You could take them on adventures with forest pixies, or under the sea, in the clouds or a magic castle. You can give them skills or abilities in their dream that would assist them to be developed during their wake hours. Maybe you would like them to be less shy, or more adventurous or less scared of new things. In their dreams they could easily make friends or be excellent sharers. What if your child discovered they could fly?

For quite a while we often used the “Give me a Good Dream” Technique for helping her sleep. I know this may not be the answer for everyone or every child. But I thought it would be a nice tool to add to the bedtime routine.

Many wonderful scripts are available online and I have included a few links for you to check out. Most of the time, the best stories are the ones you make up for your child as you are the one who knows them best.

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