My Story

Why Kids Zip Sheets?  A brilliant little innovative invention from the Land Down Under. A patented design to keep your little Honey Bear wrapped up safe and warm – kind of like an all night hug. Zip Sheets keeps them in bed, off the floor and most of all, sleeping through the night. Kids Zip Sheets are made from high quality percale cotton and cotton blends in a range of colors. Suitable for children 2 to 12 years old, they are available in twin and full sizes with open sections at the bottom for ventilation. My name is Norine Simard. I am a Registered Nurse living and working in Bonnyville, Alberta with my wonderful husband and two dogs. My little ones are all grown but I do remember one thing from those days – if they’re awake, you’re awake. That’s why you’re up surfing the internet and reading this About Page at 3 AM.  🙂 As the Canadian Distributor for Kids Zip Sheets Canada, it is my sincerest wish to give you and your Honey Bear what you probably haven’t had in months… a good night’s sleep.  


Global presence

Our product Kids Zip Sheets has managed to penetrate the baby and children goods market and became one of the fastest growing brands locally and internationally. We have expanded our customer reach to serve more customers in Canada, Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom and the United States of America.


This product was Patented on 9th May 2013 in Australia.