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Twin Size Bright Blue Cotton Kids Zip Sheets

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$59.95 CAD $24.97 CAD

Kids Zip Sheets will keep your child from tossing and turning too much in the night – thus less wake-ups!

Kids Zip Sheets are ideal for transitioning your child into their own bed. First they were swaddled, then put in a sleep sack and now they can be zipped right into a big kid’s bed.

Each set of sheets has coloured matched zippers on both sides of the set. The fitted sheet is attached to the top sheet! But the top sheet is slightly shorter leaving proper headspace. Comes with a matching pillow case as well.

Recommended for ages 3+.

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Bed Size: Twin/Single

Fitted Sheet Size: 39” x 75” x 14” (100cm x 192cm x 35cm) plus 1 attached sheet

Pillow Case: Standard x 1

Colour: Bright Blue

Material: 100 % Cotton

Thread Count: 200

Care Instructions: Machine wash cool and hang to dry. CANNOT BE TUMBLE DRIED.

2 reviews for Twin Size Bright Blue Cotton Kids Zip Sheets

  1. kidszipsheets

    Twin Boys in Twin Kids Zip Sheets

    I had been thinking about the zip sheets for a while but bought them just before Christmas – long enough to be able to share a review! My twins are almost 3. On…e of them loves to be tucked in and he absolutely loves the zip sheet! He used to wake in the night me frequently – often because he had tossed off his blanket. Now I am finding he is sleeping better because he stays tucked in. My other little guy is going through an “I am almost 3 phase” and has decided he does not want sheets… maybe not blankets too! I am sure he will grow into liking them later. I like how easy it is to make the bed – so much less work! I think these sheets would be perfect for a loft bed or top bunk as well to make it much easier to put the sheets on. My older daughter wants to try them on her loft bed because she always gets tangled in her sheets. I would definitely recommend these sheets for any kids that love to be tucked in but struggle to stay that way through the night!
    Lisa O. Victoria, BC

  2. Rated 4 out of 5


    Kudos! What a neat way of thniinkg about it.

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