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Twin Size Fuchsia Cotton Kids Zip Sheets

$59.95 CAD $24.97 CAD

Zip your child into bed at night or let them zip themselves. The zippers on either side of the sheet set are super durable and easy to use. Zip your child in and let them zip themselves out when they need to. Then in the morning just zip it up one more time and you have a neat and tidy bed in less than 30 seconds.

Kids Zip Sheets are ideal for transitioning your child into their own bed. First they were swaddled, then put in a sleep sack and now they can be zipped right into a big kid’s bed.

Each set of sheets has coloured matched zippers on both sides of the set. The fitted sheet is attached to the top sheet! But the top sheet is slightly shorter leaving proper headspace. Comes with a matching pillow case as well.

Recommended for ages 3+.

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Bed Size: Twin/Single

Fitted Sheet Size: 39” x 75” x 14” (100cm x 192cm x 35cm) plus 1 attached sheet

Pillow Case: Standard x 1

Colour: Fuchsia Pink

Material: 100 % Cotton

Thread Count: 200

Care Instructions: Machine wash cool and hang to dry. CANNOT BE TUMBLE DRIED.

1 review for Twin Size Fuchsia Cotton Kids Zip Sheets

  1. kidszipsheets

    Review Pink Kids Zip SheetsSo finally I have a moment to RAVE about these sheets. I now feel comfortable moving my daughters bed into the middle of the room and not have a safety rail and a wall to keep her from falling out. Newly 3, she is one that moves quite a bit once asleep but since zipping her into these sheets, she stays put! She also loves ‘zipping’ up the sheets at bedtime and insists on doing it herself. She also ‘knock on wood’ has not woken in the night from what I can only assume is being cold due to no blankets. I highly recommend!!!

    Calgary, Alberta

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