photo“Ella loves her zip sheets. I just wanted to let you know what a great product you have. We have had 4 nights of sleeping through the night with no waking up because she has kicked her rugs off. Now when I check on her ( out of habit now not necessity) she is as snug as a bug in a rug. Thank you for a wonderful good quality product.” —Kathy

Billy sleeping in his zip sheets“Billy loves his Kids Zip Sheets”

Lia sleeping in her zip sheets“Lia no longer looks likes a pretzel with the sheets tangled around her — she’s warm a cozy when I go and check in on her.”

Boy in kids Zip sheets“Thanks Kids Zip Sheets — we received our set last week and as you can see, they have made my little boy, Braden, very happy! (And Mum’s happy too — no more getting tangled up or un-tucked sheets during the night!!). I would highly recommend Kids Zip Sheets to anyone – they look great, are easy to put on the bed and most of all, keep your kids warm and comfortable!”

972078_179611338879746_1059906221_n“Elizabeth asleep with her owl sheets, showing how great these sheets fit her bed with the mattress sunken into frame.” – Jessica

photo“Fantastic product! The kids can make their beds much easier now.”